Lulu & Pom Pom Friends


Lulu and My Pom Pom

I have just bought a ‘Girl’s World’, Jennifer Paganelli and fell in love with it. And I have promised my friends that I will make a nice pillow for them. So right after the Pom Pom Fringe that I ordered from purlsoho arrived, I started working on making Willow Pillows fir them right away.

I also found my daughter’s Lulu the Hungarian Doll in my work’s room. So I decided to choose her to be model for Willow Pillows. She looked so stunning and made my pillows stand out. Such a nice choice to choose her.


My Lulu

I also stole my husband’s lens too. After refusing to use it for a long while, I changed my mind. Surprisingly that it can help me produce such a good picture that I never think of before. If he asks it back I will be very sad.

Still more works to put the covered buttons on those three pillows. Very excited to see the finished ones.


The Sweetest Side Of Me By Nida White

Teapot and Teacup

Do you want to have some tea?


Last Sunday I told myself I can do it. I never work on paper piecing before. After spent times to study by myself for a while, beginner like me said to myself I can do it! I chose the pattern from one blog that I’m adore of, Pink Penquin, for the teapot and she recommended another site that provide teacup paper piecing.

It took me around 4 hours to work on it. It did some part correct and some incorrect but at the end I got the very nice teapot and teacup for myself.

Will wait for pom pom trim that I just ordered from purlsoho and will finish my cute pillow soon.



The Sweetest Side Of Me By Nida White

Lotus Cathedral Window


One more thing I want to show. I have finished my first Cathedral Window pillow. I selected Amy Bulter’s all time favorite red Lotus for this project. I also put white ric rag that I got from my cousin to decorate the pillow a bit more. I think the outcome is so cool to my eyes. Do you like it as I do?


This project will comprise of 3 pillows. Another two is on the way, both will use Amy Bulter still but in different collection. Hope when those are done it will compliment each other very well





The Sweetest Side Of Me By Nida White

My Quilt and New Gloves

I am back to write my blog again after been busy for a while. I’m still trying to finish my Pinky Quiit this week. Nearly done. I should be able to put the binding by tomorrow.

Also after quilting for couple hours I feel my shoulder starting to getting sore. Suddenly an idea of using the gloves that I bought for a while came up. So I tried using it. It’s work! I don’t need to push my quilt too much through the sewing machine anymore.  It made my work goes faster.

I will try to finish quilting today before I have to drive both of my kids to have swimming lessons this afternoon.

Let’s see me with my red glove.





The Sweetest Side Of Me By Nida White