Soul Blossom


Today’s lunch was great and fun.  We share lots of fun stuff among our group.  After 4 hours past chatting with each other, we noticed that the dark cloud is coming. Time to go home!


While my new project is still on, it will be nice to share the Soul Blossom cases. The new collection of Amy Bulter made me thrill when I first saw her works from the Internet. It didn’t take long after it launched that I can own some of her works. But making a quilt is kind of hard work for me while the previous on hasn’t finished, so, I decide to make the new whole set of cases for my couch.

I chose 7 of her designs and started working on it. Her designs just inspired me so much that made me eager to see the finished work. But I had no clue how to make the cases. Yes, I had to go to YouTube in case they have a clip to teach me to make pillow cases. And it works! I have spent less than 1 week to finish it. The set is so stunning. I also got a lots of compliments from my friends.







My daughter and my son so in love with it! So the old cases that we used for 7 years will be kept into the cupboard forever 🙂



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