Hot Day


Such a hot and sunny day today! But I’ve manage to work on quilting on my Pinky Quilt a bit more. I’ve read some blogs lately about doing circle quilting pattern. So I’m trying to work on this one on my 4th quilt. It is prettier to see it when the circle is bigger and bigger. Just wonder whether I can finish it within next week? Let’s see how far I can do

I need to turn the air con off while doing quilting, the dust from batting is hugh and I need lots of air flow otherwise the whole room will be covered with the dust from the batting. But it is so blooming hot!! I guess today the temp should be around 36 degree. I just want to live in the colder country so I can enjoy the fresh cool air while I’m quilting and covered with unfinished blanket.

Now it is time to stop after spent most of the Easter Day sewing. Should spend more time with family, I think 🙂


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