I just notice that there is lots and lots of Bougainvillea around my house.  Actually it is quite popular flower in Singapore.  However, lately the weather might be perfect for them so I can see the flowers all around the city.  I thought that it will be only one color, the pink/purple one.  But here I can see orose, light pink as well.

Today’s task still focus on making the Dresden petal.  Nearly finish, did chain piece the rest of it last night.  Hopefully by end of today all the petals should be ready.

Also will sneak out to have lunch with my friends. Home cooking food at her place. Just wonder how many people will show up today.  It seems to be fun.  Need to get ready now and will be back in the afternoon.

The First Blog…

Ethan White

I have been thinking what should I put on my first blog. But at the end I choose to show you my family’s picture.  Sure I will show you all my crafts I have been “IN” during the past months as well.  Also, I won’t miss to show you my passions about fabric designs, the colors, the patterns and so on.  But this is the start and I start to enjoy sharing with you too.

I decided to write this blog on the sunny day (only in the morning). Today the weather in Singapore is the same as everyday, hot and sunny in the morning and rain in the afternoon.  I started working on my craft around 2 pm today at my little studio behind the lounge area.  It was quite nice to start working when the rain started to fall. Quite romantic and so peaceful.


Dresden plate project

Preparation for the Dresden Flower

Today’s one of my to do list is to prepare the cut fabric from Anna Maria Horner and Amy Bulter for the Dresden flowers. I am planning to make a new quilt but haven’t decide yet who should I give to.  This one, I will try to make Dresden Flower quilt, a little bit smaller than I used to make. Have to tell you first that I am still a beginner but I’m quite like it.  Making quilt is quilt challenging. I still need to make more petals for the Dresden.  Altogether should be around nearly 400 petals for this project.  Hopefully I can start working put it together within this week.